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  • Gebraucht Caterpillar 1998 Zu Verkaufen Italien
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    Gebraucht Caterpillar 1998 Zu Verkaufen Italien | 1998


    Chain bearing the cross on the two orthogonal axes. Articulated in all directions allows for Horizontal End-Suction and vertical curves also small radius. The same is driven by a driving unit of the type to "Caterpillar" double, commandato by an AC motor which will be installed on the control boards, in order to obtain any intermediate speed between 0 and 9 m / min, so as to comply with the desired amount required and the shapes of the pieces to be transported in relation to the working capacity. Dimensions and technical data: Nr. 01 drive unit to "Caterpillar" type light. Nr. 01 of the motor drive unit 0: 9 Mt / min min. / Max working speed Hp 1 Installed power electric motor Mt. 70 D8 chain and rollers d.37 (development) Mt. 62 Binary straight to size Nr. 10 horizontal curves at 90 ° r = 500 mm Nr. 01 Binary di''ispezione Nr. 01 Couple voltage Nr. 87 support brackets Nr. 87 Number hooks Mt. 2.20 Ground clearance mono / lower height 5.00 Mt. ground mono / Upper Mt. 0.80 Step hooks pol